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Who Is this Guy?

pic of me - front & smilingMy name’s Kyle, but most people know me by my nickname, Garliq. You see garlic was the first plant that taught me that plants are medicine, so my friends named me after it. (the ‘q’ is another story).

This path for me began in 2002 when I did a 14 day fast (just water and herbal tea). I finally heard my heart’s calling and knew I needed to make some big changes. I quit both my jobs and hitchhiked to California looking for someone to teach me “healing.” On the road, I found my first herb teacher.


My life took a huge leap down this path when I realized that plants can heal, while studying at the Northeast School of Botanical Medicine.  But more than that, I could find, gather and even make my own medicines. My eyes opened to the reality that this planet is covered with food and medicine. My heart opened and my passions flared.

Then I became a Plant Spirit Medicine Practitioner, and it drove my understanding of plant medicines even deeper. It showed me that plants are not only alive, but their intelligence and wisdom can reach into our hearts and spirits. It gave me simple, practical tools to connect with, learn from and be healed by plant spirits.

Since then I have treated hundreds of people for everything ranging from tummy troubles and scraped knees to chronic back pain and allergies. I’ve shown many parents how to use simple herbal remedies to keep their kids healthy. I’ve helped people avoid stitches, treat antibiotic-resistant infections, and recover from major surgeries quickly.

I’ve also taught hundreds of people how to identify, gather and make their own medicines; about how and when to use them safely and effectively. And I’ve shown many of people how to communicate directly with plants.

But it hasn’t always been this way. In high school, I refused to take a single biology class because “it was too much memorization.” Today, you can find me doing plant walks through parks and community gardens humming Latin names to nursery rhymes and old ’80′s pop rock tunes.

My non-herby background is a mix of community organizing around social/environmental justice and street performance as a juggler (yes, fire too). This is where my passion for healthy community first bloomed and I learned what it means to have too many balls in the air. Balance was a teaching that weaved both these passions together and clearly stills fuels me.

Fast forward to today. I’m a papa to two young boys. Parenting them has lit up my life and further opened up my nurturing side. I want my children and their children to live in a world that’s beautiful, healthy and just.

A few other odds and ends… I practice (and sometimes teach) Nonviolent Communication. I love clowning, cooking and puns.

If you share any or all of these passions, I’d love to hear from you. Please contact me to say hi or ask questions. Let’s build this growing movement together.


These are some of the lineages that come together in my work…

Western Clinical Herbalism –

7song – NorthEast School of Botanical Medicine

Spiritual Herbalism –

Eliot Cowan – Plant Spirit Medicine Practitioner Program

  • student of JR Worsley, Traditional (5 Element) Acupuncture – Worsley Institute
  • apprentice to Don Guadalupe Gonzalez Rios, an eminent Huichol Indian Tsaurirrikame (shaman)

Stephen Buhner – Gaian Studies‘ Direct Perceptions Course

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