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Self Care for Rebels web-class

Announcing: version 2.0 of Herbal Self Care for Radicals, Activists & Organizers v 2.0

Hello herb loving activisty folks, Do you know someone who has experienced “burnout”?  Have you ever experienced it? I certainly have.  It hit me really hard after 4-5 years of pretty heavy organizing in my mid-20s.  I totally crashed.   No organizing meetings, no protesting, no energy, no space at all to care about any particular […]

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summer solstice image

Belated Solstice gift: a guaranteed way to cool down when things get heated emotionally

Hello plant lovers Happy belated Solstice to you!  May this Summer season bring you great joy and strong heart connections! Most of you are getting this newsletter because you’re interested in herbal medicines, and likely because you’re interested in the spiritual healing aspects of herbs. But did you know that herbs are only a part […]

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