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Self Care for Rebels web-class

Announcing: version 2.0 of Herbal Self Care for Radicals, Activists & Organizers v 2.0

Hello herb loving activisty folks, Do you know someone who has experienced “burnout”?  Have you ever experienced it? I certainly have.  It hit me really hard after 4-5 years of pretty heavy organizing in my mid-20s.  I totally crashed.   No organizing meetings, no protesting, no energy, no space at all to care about any particular […]

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Thoreau quote- it's the marriage

Why herbs, empathy and nature connection are acts of political resistance and need to be a core part of our self care

Hello, While chatting with a friend recently, I had one of those “it’s obvious to me, but isn’t to everyone” moments.  I was talking about how herbs, empathy and nature connection are both deeply needed and actually acts of political resistance. “Wait just a second,” my friend interrupted, “how are herbs, empathy and nature connection […]

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Trump and the Need for Emotional Processing

Hello Plant Lovers, Have you felt a shift over the last couple of weeks? I certainly have.  I’ve seen it on social media, heard it in friend’s voices, and felt it within myself.  Something feels different in the world. Of course, the “election” of Trump as president to the U.S. comes to mind first, but […]

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Announcing free webinar: Using herbs avoid getting sick while living in a system designed to make you sick

Sending a Happy Autumn Equinox to all of you plant lovers! No doubt about it now, Autumn has hit the Pacific Northwest.  The nights are cooler, the trees have started changing colours and the seasonal colds and flus have started circulating.  Our family has already had one, how about you? This time of year, I […]

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