Self Care for Rebels – class 1 ~ A free webinar to help Rebels-at-Heart to heal and thrive using herbs, empathy & nature connection

Do you ever look at the state of the world and think

“WTF, we’re never going to fix this mess?”

And while part of you may feel hopeless or overwhelmed, another part of you will always believe that “another world IS possible” and you will never stop striving for it.

baby-empathyBut it wears you down, doesn’t it? … body, mind and spirit.

Which means that it’s more necessary than ever to take care of ourselves and each other, to remain grounded and healthy so that we can be effective and creative in our responses.


In a society that profits from sickness and self doubt,

healing and self care are acts of rebellion.

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Join me to learn how to nourish your rebellious spirit, heal your tired body, and reduce your stress and anxiety using herbs, empathy and nature connection to sustain your whole self.


Self Care for Rebels

Class #1 ~ Foundations for Successful Self Care in Turbulent Times

A free webinar to help Rebels-at-Heart to heal and thrive – even in these turbulent times – using herbs, empathy and nature connection ~

Weds. Oct. 3    –    7pm – 9pm pacific

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In this 2 hour webinar, we’ll cover:

  • The 3 foundations for successful healing and self care, especially in the age of empire
  • How to use connection to move through anger, despair or overwhelm in the face of the injustice in the world … so you avoid getting stuck in it, not so you avoid feeling it
  • My best tips for bringing yourself out of distress and panic – even when you’re right in it – in a way that brings you back to you authentic, compassionate self
  • The Big Picture approach to weaving together the healing of herbs, empathy and nature connection to help you get – and stay – grounded
  • huddled-around-fireWhy, what we call “Nature Deficit Disorder” is actually a connection deficit and how we truly need healthy communities for all of us to heal
  • Mother Nature’s most core healing principle that, when you sync with It, will bring you incredible personal power, healing and creativity

You can imagine this webinar as sitting around the fire with

Brene Brown, Jon Young, Stephen Buhner and Henry David Thoreau …

and coming away with profound realizations about how their brilliant work actually fits together to bring incredible healing and hope for the future!

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* recordings available to everyone who registers *

Check out the whole 7 week course :

Self Care for Rebels

(it’s Pay What You Feel!)

This is just class 1 of 7.  The other 6 classes go deeper into specific ways of how you can easily weave the powerful healing of these 3 strands together … herbs, empathy and nature connection into your life

garliq - herbalist, healer, educaterHello, I’m garliq.  Papa, herbalist, plant geek, nature lover, community organizer and someone who wants to greet the coming challenges facing humanity with the sort of wisdom, compassion and community that comes from close connection with each other and with the Living World around and within us.

I hope you’ll join me on ***am pacific, but if you can’t … there will be a recording available to everyone who’s signed up.

“One thing that I want to share about this last session.  It has been very helpful and although I have been busy, I have been finding this sense of calm flowing through it all.

And 2 weeks later… There is still an interesting calm to all this chaos in my routine. I really took that last session forward into my life and have been finding myself with more of a mindset of being reliable to myself versus being accountable to other people.  I really shifted my view on all that.” ~ Jacey

Something to ponder until the webinar …

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