Foragers Feast

Celebrating Wild Food and Healthy Community!

foragers feast posterAfter the harvest comes time to gather in community and share the fruits of our efforts. Come celebrate the gifts of the fields and the woods!

Bring your family and friends to the Forager’s Feast Potluck to celebrate wild food and local community.dessert table

Saturday October 26th, 2013 Legion Hall, Nelson

5 PM- 9 PM

By Donation @ the door

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 If you can’t make it, but want to hear about future Foraging events… Click here

What is the Foragers’ Feast?


  • Tasting, discovering, creating delicious dishes with wild foods available in our bio-region
  • Exploring new foods
  • Expanding our palates and getting comfortable with a wide variety of tastes
  • Getting creative in the kitchen
  • Exchanging recipes and inspiration
  • Sharing stories and lessons learned from the growing season
  • A feast for the eyes! 


This feast is both an Offering and an Invitation.


It Offers living, delicious examples of how wild foods can fit in and enhance our lives, diversify our diets, support our health, and strengthen our community. It offers a chance to learn about a project that brings wild foods and plant medicines into the lives of folks around Nelson.

An Invitation to open our minds, to be curious, and to see the world as it really is: covered by food and water. In town and around our homes, we can grow food and gather from gardens, yards and green spaces to create incredible buffets bursting with vitality and flavour.

You’re invited you to start mixing wild into your locally grown food.

cold dishes

How does it work?

It’s really simple.  Bring a family-sized (serves 6-8) potluck dish containing at least one wild food ingredient.

By “wild” we mean anything foraged, fermented (yeast are wild too!), gathered or hunted.  For example… hazelnuts, walnuts, acorns, mushrooms, foraged fruit (not your own tree), deer, moose, rabbit, berries, roots, flowers, seeds, …, as long as 1 ingredient isn’t from your garden or the grocery store.

This is an informal, family-friendly event.  There will be a play space for kids, an elixir bar for grown-ups, and delightful stories for all!  We’ll show a foraging video or 2 and collectively create an Urban Edibles Map of the Nelson area.

wild grape & apple cheese cake

Not sure what dish to make? Check out our recipe page- we’ve posted a few simple ideas here.


Experienced wild food chef?  Have some favorites that you’ve made time and again? Please share them and we’ll add them to our list!  Click here to email us your recipe

If you’re interested, but nervous about cooking something that’s “good enough,” please, please, please take a chance and join us.  This is not a cooking contest.  We can only start where we are now!

Our inspiration:

welcome tableLiving in a society so dedicated to economic growth can lead us to feeling pretty lonely and isolated. So, we want to come together to see the wild light and sparkle in each others’ eyes as we feel motivated to re-connect.


This an opportunity to forage, gather and hunt with greater intention- to go out and immerse ourselves in relationship with the wild, to play with our friends, our kids, and mindfully gather directly from the source of life. This is an opportunity to nourish our physical bodies, our spiritual bodies and our community body.

elixir bar

Come, gather and share the bounty of our fields and our woods – in community!

Space is limited.  Please tell us your coming! Register Here

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And if you can’t make it, but want to hear about future Foraging events… Click here

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