Vancouver Area – Urban Herb School

Welcome to the Urban Herb School

If You Believe in:

  • Living each day as if a better world is possible
  • Preserving our forests and green spaces for future generations …
  • Slowing down and savouring the fruits of nature around the community table rather than the drive-thru life of urban society …

Welcome.  You’re among friends.

Like you we believe:

  • Herbal medicines and wild foods are essential for healthy, vibrant living
  • The medicines in our homes should fit with the values in our hearts
  • Reducing our pharmaceutical footprint is important
  • We are ready to engage with this global movement…

Since 2010, hundreds of city folks have graduated from Urban Herb School courses empowered to create herbal remedies that improve the health and vitality of their family and friends.

Our mission is to support empowered people to live in self-reliant, healthy communities deeply rooted in the Living World.

With an emphasis on plant identification, ethical foraging and herbal medicine making, the Urban Herb School fosters direct relationships with plants as Green Allies and teachers.

Participants sing the praises of courses that enhance their lives and make our world a better place:

Empowering.  I love being able to use so many different plants that grow all around the lower mainland. I have learned to gather and create an herbal apothecary that deals with everything from immune support to coughs, bruises and tummy troubles. And my health has been fantastic this winter.”

I learned to identify local herbs and plants which were either yummy or really useful for healing remedies.”

This class has been the key for me to understand that the truest medicine is in my relation with the plants, and that all other medicine springs forth from that.”

Three Steps to Take, Starting Today:

  1. Join in this global movement of transformation and healing.
  2. Start Your Journey toward integrating herbs today.  Get your free mp3 of the Heart of Healing. Sign up to the newsletter and receive this juicy audio file, packed with practical tips to aid in your path to vibrant living.
  3. Create your own recipe for better health, a better life and ultimately a better world along with the Urban Herb School as your guide. I can’t wait to show you how!

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