Ask Garliq: Single Session to Answer Your Herbal or Empathy Questions

Have you ever want to ask an herbalist or healer a question without committing to a full consultation and on-going treatment?

Now’s your chance!


You have a question? It can be practical or theoretical. It can be a brand new issue or something that you maybe have been “putting off” for a while.  And we can either meet in person at my office in Nelson or we can use skype to video chat or speak on the phone, if need be.

Your question can be about using herbs for healing some condition or symptom(s) or about using empathy/compassion in emotional processing. It can be about any mix of physical and emotional “symptoms” because they’re hardly ever stand alone issues.

Or it may be that you’re looking for a deeper connection with your own compassionate heart, wisdom from plant spirits or ways to sync yourself with the Elements of Nature.

Write your question and send it my way. Be as concise as you can, while telling me what I need to prepare for our session and for me to understand the question.  This will help you clarify and zone in on exactly what you want to ask so that I’m more able to answer it well. It will also help me prepare and come to your session with ideas flowing, ready to support you. (and you’ll have a chance to expand on context and relevant background when we speak.)

holding space imageI love both holding space for people and sharing my knowledge and experience about herbal healing and emotional processing. I delight in compassionate listening, sharing the healing power of empathy and meeting people in a judgement-free space that allows your mind, heart and nervous system to relax.

I focus on coming up with practical doable steps as well as helping you deepen your understanding of what you are facing so that you can proceed with self-compassion, confidence and renewed health and vitality.

This session can also be a helpful first step toward more in-depth healing with me. Or it can be a tool you use once in awhile, as needed.


Here are some of the types of issues I’ve helped other people with…

lower leg castHealing an Injury – you ask anything from the initial first aid response right through to full recovery.

“My brother-in-law is about to go in for arthroscopic surgery on his knee (mountain biking accident).  Do you have herbs you can recommend to help his knee?  Either from the original injury or as his recovery from the impending surgery?  Thank you Garliq.”

Healing an Illness – whether it’s yourself, your kids or a friend, there are many herbs that can help someone through seasonal colds and flus or infections of various sorts.

“question… One of our best friends daughter has worms, likely pinworms. No clue if any of us have it but given how much time we spend together… So I was wondering if you have herb suggestions. And if anything would be okay for my son.”

Treating Your Children – when your kids get sick or hurt, it can be the scariest thing in the world.bite reaction pic

“My son has pretty intense reactions to bites and stuff (he’s had contact reactions but I don’t know what to). I’m starting to feel maybe he has a bit of a histamine intolerance thing going on. I would like to make a salve for him to put on the area when they flare up. They get extremely angry, last around a week and are still visible weeks later. [pictures attached]”

Nursing Someone back to Health – depending on the duration someone has an illness, the process of convalescence (full recovery) can take a while. There are different herbs at different stages that can help rid the body of any lingering symptoms and strengthen any weak points in the body left from the illness.

“I’d like to give herbs another try again.  As I said before, I decided to get minor surgery to stop my nosebleeds and straighten my septum. I was told that this may help with my ongoing sinus irritation and swelling. It seemed to help temporarily. Definitely stopped the nosebleeds, however the swelling of the sinuses came back as usual this Dec. 🙂 Oh well, it was worth a try, haha.”

Relationship Challenges – when things are difficult in a relationship it can be incredibly destabilizing.  Having someone who can understand and empathize with you is often the best remedy for stabilizing for you and ultimately for your relationship.

“Hey I could use some support for some tough relationship stuff with my partner. Would you be into/available for a skype tonight or tomorrow?”

Filtering through the Compassionate Lens – you may have a conversation that you’re not sure how to have or a letter you’ve written and you want to make sure it is as compassionate and understanding as possible.

A Little About Sessions with Me, garliq…

In my sessions I call upon various knowledge and skills from my toolkit.  Sessions may include western herbalism, plant spirit medicine, nonviolent communication, empathy, 5 element theory, inner children work &/or interpersonal neuro-biology, to name the main aspects of my training.

Also, please note that if you’re looking for herbal protocols or recommendations, these shorter sessions are for “first aid” health situations only.  I will be able to suggest herbs that will help, but for deeper health issues or a more complete protocol a full assessment will be needed.

After the session, what then?

I have a simple simple request of everyone that does an Ask Garliq Session: please send me an email telling me how it went.  Both because I want to know how you’re doing/healing and because it helps me to get better at what I do when I hear how my suggestions have worked out.  Not only do I get to learn something new, but the story lover in me gets to hear how it turns out.  🙂

Also, I want to be clear that I may recommend that we do a full session, depending on what you’re dealing with and how I’m able to support you.  I’m not interested in strong sales tactics, but I want to give you a heads up that it’s not uncommon that what seems like a “simple health issue” sometimes requires more attention.

I look forward to connecting soon!

To Book a Session…

Soon I will have my website updated so that you can book directly on on this page.  For now, fill out the form (below) with three things:

  1. a short description of your situation
  2. the type of support you’re looking for
  3. 2 or 3 times that could work for you to do a support call (either 60 or 90 minutes)

I’ll do what I can make sure one of your times fits in my schedule and send confirm over email.


These 30 minute sessions are $40.  If you need more support and the session runs over, it’s $20 for an extra 15 minutes.

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