Burnout Barometer Stress Assessment with Garliq

Feeling Stressed Out and Anxious? Letting off steam

Introducing the Burnout Barometer

a FREE 30 minute assessment so you can find where you are on the

stress-to-burnout spectrum and make a plan to get you out of stress

(without pushing through with coffee, sugar, drugs or willpower)

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If you’re a parent, caregiver, healer, social entrepreneur, community organizer, or activist, then you have likely found yourself feeling utterly depleted with nothing left to give, that burned out, ‘end of your rope’ feeling when you’ve given all you have to give and yet you still have more to do.

You feel like a well that’s almost dry and yet people are still begging you for water … but there’s no time to be refilled. Your reserves are running low.

Stress is the single greatest epidemic of our time.

Our lives and our activism have more stress.  The natural world is under more stress.  And this stress is too often slowing down or entirely taking out (burnout) the people that the world most needs to help bring balance – the parents, the healers, the social entrepreneurs and the activists working in or out of the system.

You might not be totally depleted, but you might feel unhealthy, irritable or frayed around the edges.  Which means you’ll be less effective and less happy in your life, your work and your relationships.

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Hi, I’m Garliq.

I’m a parent, an herbalist, and a community organizer.  I’ve got nearly 20 years of engagement in social and environmental movements and 10 years studying wholistic healing.

And all my experience has led me to one conclusion…


If we’re actually going to win,

if we’re going to end destructive, life-alienating patterns, then

healing needs to be a big part of the change we create!


My passions are about healing the world with two things: herbs and empathy.

That’s why I created this Burnout Barometer.  It’s a mind-body stress assessment that helps you to see your state of stress and your potential for burnout.



If you ever feel lost in the dark, this stress assessment can help.


From this 30 minute session you will:

  1. Find clarity about where you are right now on the stress-to-burnout spectrum.  You’ll receive a “You Are Here” sticker for your internal stress map.
  2. Start to see a direction out of the darkness and back into the sunlight.  It won’t be the whole path, but it’ll get you moving in the right direction.
  3. Identify potential blind spots you may have, so you can start to build successful self care strategies that really work for you.
  4. Feel a renewed sense of optimism.  You can once again, feel rested, energized and excited to take on the empire.

By taking a good look at your relationship with stress, you can find the early signs – not just of burnout – but also of other stress-related conditions before they become a health issue.

Why I’m doing these sessions for free:

fiddlehead heartI want our side, the life-serving side to win!  So I want you to be healthy and doing the good work for the long term. *This* is the activism that makes my heart sing, helping you.

I’m also looking for the right clients to work with.  I’ve recently refashion how I work with clients.  Read more about Working With Me here.

I have about 15 spaces for Burnout Barometer sessions.  So, I want to be clear that I’m not expecting everyone to become a client, in fact I can only take on 10 clients at a time.  I don’t like high pressure sales. That said, I may offer an invitation to work with me over the next few months, if it feels like a good fit for both of us.


How the Barometer Works:

You can use the form below as a journaling, self-discovery exercise. Or, you can send it in to schedule a free 30 minute session with me.  The session can be either live at my clinic in Nelson, BC or live with skype video chat.

To get the most out of this exercise, I suggest a couple of things…

  1. Give yourself 15-30 minutes.tea in hands 300x274 (do 5 mins at a time if you need to)
  2. Make some tea, grab your journal, quiet yourself and connect in with body and your heart.
  3. Hold yourself with tenderness and understanding. Reality checks aren’t always easy. It can be intense doing a review of your health like this. Go slowly if you need to and remember to breathe.
  4. Be as honest as you can be.
  5. Think back a year or two, compare your answers now to back then.  Has your relationship with stress changed?
  6. For the ‘How often’ questions … use whatever comes to mind first and then check in with yourself to see if it’s not actually more frequent. “Is it really once per week or is it more like once or twice a day?”

Here are the questions…

(and read on for one last thought after the questions)

Book Session

Remember, your answers are qualitative not quantitative. It’s not as simple as adding up your score and checking a burnout risk chart.

“It’s the question that drives us, Neo!” (cheesy reference to the Matrix)

There are two important questions to consider as you look back over your answers …

  1. Is this the quality of life and health that you want for yourself (or that your loved ones would want for you)?
  2. If not, what are you going to do to change it?

Help and support are available for you! 

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Check out The “REDUCE Your Stress, REVIVE Your Health, RECYCLE the System” Herbal Self Care Program3 months of healing with herbs and empathy to get the world’s changemakers back to thriving! Click here to read more

And whether we end up working together or not, I hope you are happy and healthy.

And remember…

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for!

strength & wisdom.


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