the REDUCE Your Stress Herbal Self Care Program

Are you stressed, worn out and exhausted

because you’re trying hard to stay true to your ideals

in a world that makes that really hard to do?

Is there a way to move from feeling ‘wired, tired and frustrated’ to feeling grounded and rested, strong and creative, passionate and driven, without relying on unhealthy habits?

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If you value the environment or peace or social justice – even a small amount – then living in these times can be incredibly disheartening, frustrating, even heartbreaking. It can be a real struggle to live with this awareness.

Even buying groceries can spark inner conflict and debate.

Some days you can feel like you need to be some sort of superhero just to live, honestly aligned with your values.  And when you feel worn out a lot, it’s easy to continually resort to coffee, sugar, drugs or sheer willpower, even when you don’t want to.

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Announcing: The “REDUCE Your Stress, REVIVE Your Health, RECYCLE the System” Herbal Self Care Program –

3 months of healing with herbs and empathy to get the world’s changemakers back to thriving!


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Do you ever look at a big old tree, see it anchor and nourish community and think “why isn’t it that easy for me?!”

What does it really take to stand the test of time, to stay grounded and nourished?

You’re in the right place if:

  • You’re a parent, caregiver, healer, social entrepreneur, community organizer, or activist who is working hard to create a world that future generations will be glad to inherit.


  • You’d like to have enough energy and feel healthy so you can do more than just survive in this ‘needs-to-change’ system.

If you’re one of these people (or know one of them closely), then you know the other troubling side of this coin.

They are slowly burning out. Each day, they wear a little thinner.

And if you’re a parent or you have kids in your life, your love for them can easily intensify your worry about the future. “What will the next seven generations inherit?”

Sometimes, that feeling becomes so normal that we start to think it’s natural.

If the following symptoms feel commonplace for you, then you are suffering from stress. It’s likely been going on for a while and it may have reached a long term or chronic level.   If so, your health could be at serious risk:

  • emotional rollercoasterYou’ve been feeling increasingly stressed out and irritable like you’re riding an emotional roller coaster full of unexpected explosions of rage, grief, anxiety or even panic attacks.
  • You’re relying on coffee, sugar or other stimulants to keep up your energy because you’re tired most of the time.
  • You feel crappy, achy or have pain in your physical body. Maybe you get headaches, soreness or digestive upset more and more frequently.
  • You’re under constant self scrutiny, actively criticizing or even berating yourself for even the smallest mistakes.
  • You feel like you’ve lost your spark, your zest for life and it’s been replaced by a deep exhaustion in your heart and spirit.

If you’re feeling one or more of the above symptoms on a regular basis then you may already be experiencing burnout.Runner BW_2

You are running on fumes and this is a serious issue.

If you’re headed in this direction, but aren’t there yet, please don’t wait to make some changes.  Make those changes now.

Here are Three Big Reasons Why:

  1. Stress affects your whole being – body/mind/spirit.  It touches every cell, every system, even your thoughts and emotions. It suppresses your immune system, your digestion, and sometimes your better judgment, while your heart rate, your breathing and your self criticism all increase.
  2. Your body has limits.  You can’t push through by your will alone.  Sure you can replenish yourself, but that requires slowing down or even stopping to recharge.  Your batteries will eventually run dry.
  3. Stress has been found to be responsible for almost every serious chronic health issue.  And even the illnesses not directly caused by stress, are made worse by it.

caring for myself is not indulgent, it's survival

This is why I’ve created the “REDUCE Your Stress, REVIVE Your Health, RECYCLE the System Herbal Self Care Program3 months of healing with herbs and empathy to get the world’s changemakers back to thriving!

From this program, you’ll get:

  • A 4 step process to get you really engaged in your healing journey – beyond just taking your herbs – so that you stay inspired and more easily create nourishing habits
  • The practical tools to align your whole being – Body/Mind/Spirit – toward nurturing yourself, so that you can give from your heart without feeling depleted
  • An Herbal Treatment Plan that fits your needs, so you can continue to be supported and flourish on your own, getting that natural support everyday
  • You get to give your kids a more patient and resourced you because you’ve learned to turn down the volume on stress and soothe your central nervous system
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Veronica – Marketing Consultant

“From our first conversation, I felt comfortable with Garliq, even telling him how skeptical I was about herbal medicine! He listened with interest and compassion, which, I’d learn, is what he always does, and over time we made great progress on my issues as we approached even more deeply held physical and emotional blocks.

I’d recommend Garliq quite highly for anyone looking to increase their health. The ability to talk to him openly and honestly was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced in traditional medicine and I attribute my recovery in no small part to his prolific capacity for empathy and real connection.”

pic of me - front & smilingHi, my name’s Garliq. I’m an Herbalist, Community Organizer, Papa of two and independent Compassionate Communication Trainer living in the Nelson, BC. And I dream of leaving a world that is beautiful, healthy, vibrant and just for future generations to flourish and thrive.

My activism is about healing. And my job is to help you get (or stay) healthy and energized, help you reduce your stress and start to heal any other health issues.

And BONUS – I do this while unplugging you as much as you like from the pharmaceutical-based medical model, using locally grown or wild-crafted herbs that you can even harvest yourself.  Plus, it costs WAY less.

The Details of the Program:

(available anywhere that has internet or live in Nelson)

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1 in-depth, 90 minute Traditional Assessment to start your 12 weeks

cute 5 element assessment imageThe Traditional Assessment (T.A.) is done live, in-person either at my clinic in Nelson, BC or live on a skype video call.

We’ll talk about what your main health concerns are, explore your health history, and if we’re in person, there’ll be a short, non-invasive physical examination. We also talk about your lifestyle and what forms of herbal medicines will be easiest for you to integrate.

By the end of the session, you’re guaranteed to feel a deep satisfaction from having your healing story really heard. You’ll even be surprised by how much more you had to say that you thought you would.

A Herbal Treatment Plan customized to your needs (for the 3 months of the program or even longer)

Healing Journey MapWithin a few days of your T.A., you’ll have an Herbal Treatment Plan personalized to your body type, your healing needs and your lifestyle. This could be a mix of herbal teas, tinctures or capsules. It also may include recommendation or referrals to healers that could complement the healing we’re doing together.

It will be focused on your healing for the next 3 months, but won’t be limited to that. If I see a clear plan for your healing journey, I’ll share it and that’ll be yours to continue to work on for as long as it fits for you.

Kiilea Saunders

Kiilea Saunders Mason – Family Support Worker

“I just wanted to thank you for the tinctures you made for me, they have been very helpful! They have both been great, especially the headache tincture. I have had two very bad headaches in the last month that typically will only go away if I sleep for a few hours, however I took the tincture and they were gone and didn’t return for the entire day. I was actually quite shocked, I had come to the conclusion that there was nothing I could do about them!

I have also found the other blend very helpful too, but have unfortunately run out. Would it be possible to get the recipe for both of these tinctures? Also, since I likely will not have time to make any tinctures for the next month or two, would you be willing to sell me more?”

2 Heart-Centred Guides to Healing with Herbs (because your healing is about more than just taking your herbs)

heart compass#1 – You’ll get your Guide to Creating Your Healing Plan before you even get to the Traditional Assessment. This is the first step in helping you successfully integrate your Herbal Treatment Plan into you life.  That means making it as easy as possible for you to take your herbs so you can actually feel better.


heart compass#2 – The second guide is your Guide to Setting Intentions from Your Heart. You’ll receive this with the herbs as part of your Herbal Treatment Plan. This guide gets you really clear about why you’re doing all of this self care work so you stay motivated on your healing journey.

Elisabeth Bliss (and son) - happy mama & healthy kid

Elisabeth and Body Bliss – happy mama & healthy kid

“My son is very trusting as I dose him with various tinctures and brews daily …. today he questioned what it was as I held up your “Kiddo Relax” blend… then he saw the label and said “Ahhh…it’s Chill Down Child.. I like that stuff”… 😉 Thank you. It works!”

3 Mid-Month, 15 Minute Check-In Calls

telephoneTwo weeks after you receive your herbs and start on your Herbal Treatment Plan, you’ll have your first Check-In Call.  These 15-20 minute phone calls allow us to check-in personally (not just email) to see how you’re doing.  It’s a chance for you to get support if you’re feeling stressed and/or an opportunity to get tips on creating your new herbal self care habits.  (This isn’t always easy, so I’ll be there to support you to stay consistent with these practices.)

These phone calls also give you a chance to share how the herbs are feeling in your body so that I can ensure that your treatment plan is having the desired effect.

3 Monthly, 1 hour Follow Up Sessions

Roughly every 41 hr session weeks after you start your Herbal Treatment Plan, we’ll meet for an in-depth Follow Up Session (again, at the clinic or on skype). These sessions will do two things.

First, they’ll give us a chance to talk about the effect that the remedies are having on you. “Are they working well or do the need to be tweaked?” This feedback, allows both of us to track your progress and allows me to make any necessary adjustments to your herbal remedies.

Second, these Follow Up Sessions give you a chance to get some deeper support around the things that stress you out.  I’ll introduce some tools that you can use both when emotions are high and in reflection afterward, so you can regain a sense of peace.

Plus One BONUS 30 minute Urgent Support Call – Support When You Most Need It

emergency use onlyLife doesn’t always happen by the schedule you lay out. Stress, especially, comes up unexpectedly. You may find yourself frozen with fear, gripped by grief, lost in anxiety or ragingly pissed off about something and needing support before your next scheduled appointment.  And I want to be there to help you to calm down.

You get one 30 minute Urgent Support Call for free (additional calls are $50 each). You can call me anytime between 8am – 11pm PST and I’ll do everything I can to give you my full attention as soon as humanly possible.  Know that I care deeply for your well being in this high stress moment and I’ll be moving mountains to get you support ASAP.

All of these sessions are entirely free of judgments and criticism – this is a space where you can share anything and trust it will be received with love and compassion.

The Premium Program – Deep Healing with Plant Spirit Medicine

(only available in Nelson as treatments must be done in person)

If you’ve had a health issue for so long you don’t remember when it started and you want a faster, deeper healing, OR you just have a sense, a knowing, that the root the imbalance in your body or mind is rooted in a deeper spiritual pain, then this might be a good option for you.

gorgeous image of 5 elementsPlant Spirit Medicine helps you connect with a sense of aliveness and vitality that most people forgot they could experience.  It can heal the deepest reaches of your heart and soul, and return you to balance and harmony, so that you can once again embody your greatest sense of yourself.

Plant Spirit Medicine is a form of spiritual healing that combines the traditions of ancient Chinese Five Element Medicine and the indigenous practice of using plant spirits for healing. It is a powerful, yet gentle healing modality.

“Without doing battle, without making the disease the enemy, the spirits of nature have offered to bring us out of the dream of strife into the dream of wholeness.” Eliot Cowan, Plant Spirit Medicine

The Deep Healing Program involves 11 weekly treatments at the clinic in Nelson (sorry, I’m not able to do distance treatments).  Treatments last roughly 45 minutes each and start the week after your T.A.

“After receiving plant spirit medicine I felt more open, intuitive, grounded and spiritual. Each session manifested observable new realities that were beyond coincidences.

Alison 'Ali-joy' Cross - Shiatsu Practitioner & Hypnotherapist

Alison ‘Ali-joy’ Cross – Shiatsu Practitioner & Hypnotherapist

For example my heart was lonely for many years and I wept about these painful feelings to garliq, after that very session I meet my soul mate in the park.  “Coincidence,” you might say, but there were many other events that followed that were beyond my regular reality.

Most impressively, Garliq was available to coach and support me through challenges and new obstacles outside of treatments.  If your looking to heal some deep pains and really connect with your dreams plant spirit medicine is a profound method to explore.”


Herbal Self Care Program Review

Available anywhere in Canada or the US.

What’s Included…

Self Care Program

Deep Healing Program

12 Weeks of Support

1 in-depth, 90 minute Traditional Assessment

Herbal Treatment Plan customized to you

3 Mid-Month 15 Minute Check-In Calls

3 Monthly, 1 hour Follow Up sessions

2 Heart-Centred Guides to Healing with Herbs :

  1. Guide to Creating Your Healing Plan

  2. Guide to Setting Intentions from Your Heart

One BONUS 30 minute Urgent Support Call

10% Discount on Herbal Remedies (extends for three months after you complete the program)

11 Plant Spirit Medicine Treatments (45-60 minutes each)

FREE Herbal Remedies during the program

50% Discount on Herbal Remedies three months after you complete the program

Regular Price

$500 – $650 sliding scale

Installment plans are possible 🙂
1st payment – $300

+ 3 bi-weekly payments – $115

Accessibility is an important value for me.  Payment plans are available.  I’ve outlined 1 possibility above, but I can be flexible so long as the full payment is made by week 8 (of 12).
Barters and trades are possible.  Please make a proposal that is as clear as this program, so it’s easy for me to see the value, say yes, and receive your offer.

How to Apply:

Simply fill out and submit your answers to the Burnout Barometer Questionnaire and Book Your 30 Minute Session.  If you’ve already filled it out, I have it and you don’t need to do anything else.

If you haven’t filled out the Burnout Barometer Questionnaire, please fill this out.  Once you’ve answered it, submit your answers and then click the “Book Your 30 Min. Session Now” button (right below the form).

If something doesn’t work right or you need to email me for any reason, please send notes to ‘garliq (at)’

Book Session

Elena Cecchetto - Homeopath

Elena Cecchetto – Homeopath


Working with Garliq was quite the unique and refreshing experience. Being in the holistic health field, I’ve worked with quite a number of healers so that says a lot. His pure approach and calm intention paved the way to a very cleansing feeling. After my sessions with Garliq, I felt like I could take on the world. What a gift.
Thank you for your help, Garliq.

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