Friends Wherever I Walk

As as a small child on the prairies, my grandmother and I would together visit a nature area across the street from my home. It was a piece of land set aside by my small home town, where the poplars, saskatoons and chokecherries held meandering unkempt dirt pathways that no matter how well I knew […]

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Doctors Can Not Be Hypocrites?

Doctors Can Not Be Hypocrites Hi, I have a little confession to share. I like to indulge in the occasional crime show. Last week I watched one that got me thinking (not the reason I usually watch). This show starts each episode with a snappy little quote and this quote inspired this article. Here’s the […]

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Why herbs sometimes don’t work

Why herbs sometimes don’t work or Why it’s really important to make your own herbal remedies. Hey there *|FNAME|*, Have you ever had the experience of herbs not working as well as they did the last time? Maybe you bought some echinacea tincture or an elderberry syrup to get ready for cold and flu season, […]

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Case Study : Healing with Herbs Ripples Out into the World When people are drawn to studying herbalism it tends to be for a specific reason. Maybe they have some pain or discomfort they’d like to be free of, or they’re looking to treat a specific illness in a family member. Some folks study herbalism […]

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Chaga Cream Soda

Chaga Cream Soda I’ve been excited about fermentation for many years now.   But my passion has very recently entered a whole new level. I found the missing ingredient! That is, I found my missing ingredient.  You see, unless I’m able to find a way to bring medicinal plants and my giddiness for foraging into any […]

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