Self Care for Rebels web-class

Suggested Price: $47.00

Instructions for Pay What You Feel

Seriously, You set the price and I’ll feel great about it.   Zero worries about resentment building.  Zero ‘shoulds’ or expectations.

And for that to happen, please take a moment to reflect on a few important factors…

1.the reality of your financial situation
2. consideration for my financial situation
3. check with your heart what number feels right

You can pay any amount you decide, starting at a baseline of $27.  (Remember, I found most similar offers priced somewhere between $100 and $50o.)

Some helpful guidelines:
– $27 is the baseline, minimum request.
– $47 might work well for you and be really sustainable for where your finances are currently.
– $97 helps get closer to a sustainable revenue point to help me do free things like the Herbalism As Activism podcast
– $147 helps to really sustain my work and makes it possible to reinvest in the community
– $200 is really generous and helps enormously
– $500+ is a wonderful gift that will allow me to reinvest and produce more great material.

Once you settle a number that feels right for you

Simply, type that magic number in the box below and click Add to Order.

Then continue down the page, filling out the form as you go.

It’s with great appreciation and humility that I receive what’s coming from your heart.

Thank you.


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