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There comes a point in your healing journey when you can’t or you don’t want to ‘go it alone.’  You hit an aha moment and declare:

“I don’t have to do this healing work by myself!”

spider-web-400x287There comes a point in your healing journey when you see undeniably that there’s a connection between your physical, your emotional and your spiritual health.  How you feel in your own skin, your mind, your relationships, in “nature” – it’s all tied together.

Like the story The Princess and the Pea, if some part of you doesn’t feel well – no matter how deep down it’s buried – you won’t really feel healthy.

For you to really be healthy throughout your entire being, you need to feel well in all your various layers.

And you can!

The mistake that so many of us make is in trying to separate the layers of ourselves.  It’s easy to do.

We so often deal with the issues only on the level that we see them.  So, that if we’re having conflict with someone, we think that we need to improve our communication.  Or if we’re having emotional issues, we think that we need to deal with our emotions better.  Or if we’re not feeling healthy, we need to somehow deal with our physical body.

But what’s true is that all these things are connected and overlapping.  They’re all layers of you, of your whole being.


To actually heal, you need to support your whole self… your body, your emotions, your relationships and your spirit.

Fortunately, plant medicines can support all of these different layers of yourself, and help you attain wholeness.

Hi.  I’m Garliq.  I’m an herbalist who’s learned to combine herbal remedies, compassionate communication, deep nature connection and plant spirit medicine to support your whole being on your healing journey.

Over the last 10 years of working with clients and students, I’ve witnessed how this combination can change lives, improve health, and bring a sense of peace to your heart.

I work with people around a variety of different issues that have to do with vitality and health, relationship challenges, and emotional dis-ease.

Some of them are emotional issues such as anger, jealousy or other strong emotions that create not only challenges for you, but will eventually lead to physical ailments.  Some of them arise from relationships and disconnection from intimate partners and/or family members.

And some of them have to do with physical health such as healing an illness, recovering from an injury or surgery, or maintaining health and preventing sickness.

Here are some of the places where people who work with me tend to start…

polyamory support sessionsRelationships with others and yourself:

  • Relationship challenges – You have a very important relationship in your life, a partner, your kids, a close friend or even your parents and you’re either not connecting well or worse, you’re having regular or intense conflict.  You want peace and harmony, but you may not know how to get there.
  • Support with polyamorous or non-monogamous relationships – Non-monogamous relationships can be incredibly beautiful and freeing, a passion charged with deep love, autonomy and respect.  But just because it can be beautiful doesn’t mean it’s always easy.  Sometimes you need someone outside your dynamic to help you regain your groundedness.
  • Facilitating inner child work – Sometimes the major conflict in your life is actually with yourself, or more specifically, with some part of you that’s hurt or unhappy.  Fortunately, you can heal and repair these relationships with the younger parts of yourself.

Physical Issues:

  • Dealing with Allergies – Whether they’re seasonal, environmental or food related, allergies can go from being a hassle to a constant drain for you.  But over-the-counter drugs and supplements no longer provide relief.calendula in rain
  • Recovering from adrenals fatigue, low energy or low sex drive – You used to have all kinds of energy, drive and patience, even when you pushed yourself you still had reserves to draw from.  But at some point you noticed that you were feeling deplete and your reserves were empty.
  • Restoring hormone balance in females  – At various stages of life, you may experience symptoms of hormonal imbalance ranging from getting pregnant to recovering from birth, to PMS and cramps, to hot flashes and  menopause.
  • Frequently getting sick &/or slow to recover from “seasonal” illness – You used to dread “cold and flu” season because you were guaranteed to get it, but these days it doesn’t seem to matter what season it is, you easily catch whatever is going around…  And you’d like to feel well again.

I have also helped clients with issues such as asthma, skin conditions, hypoglycemia, preparation for surgery, high blood pressure, skin conditions, eczema, UTI’s, yeast infections and more.

Emotional or Spiritual:

  • Strong emotions dominate your life –  Anger, grief and jealousy emotions that are not easy for most people to process.  Sure, you can express them, but only a little and you can’t go too deep without making others uncomfortable.  When strong emotions aren’t explored and processed they can actually grow and consume our thoughts, reeking havoc on your mind, heart and relationships.
  • Anxiety and/or stress have you feeling ‘on edge’ way too often – At times, surviving the insanity of the modern world can really wear you down and leave you feeling anxious and stressed a lot of the time.
  • Feeling directionless in your life – You have a pretty good sense of who you are, what your heart desires and a where you’re going, but you’re at a crossroads or a point of major decision in your life and you’re not sure how to choose.  But you don’t want advice, you want someone who can listen and reflect yourself back to you so you can find some clarity within yourself.

A little about sessions with me, garliq…

In my sessions I call upon various skills and knowledge from my toolkit.  Sessions may include western herbalism, plant spirit medicine, nonviolent communication, empathy, 5 element theory, inner children work &/or interpersonal neurobiology, to name the main aspects of my training.

My practice is Queer positive, Trans positive, sex positive, poly positive, kink positive, body positive, and rooted in empathy.  Straight folks are, of course, welcome also.

My ultimate prescription for everyone is more wholistic than creating safe spaces…  For all of us to actually be healthy and thriving, we really need to restore balance and justice to our lives.  Humans need to be living slower, more connected lives.  We are actually designed to have deep connection and regular contact with the living world around us, to have many heart-connected relationships, and to live meaningful lives.

We can only go so far in our healing journey without a change to our social, cultural, economic and environmental institutions to share this focus on nourishment, compassion and peace.

Where you start…

1.  Your Introductory Session is totally free of charge. We’ll chat for 20-30 minute about your healing goals and support needs.  From this session, I’ll be able to recommend your next steps.  Together we’ll create a support plan that works for both of us.

2.  Your Initial Session is a 2 hour in-depth assessment and support session.  It will give me insight into your history and the “big picture” of you so that I can design a personalized treatment plan.

I want to understand as best I can what it is like to be you, living in your body in the world in this moment.   Then, together, we will identify what you would like to shift in your body, your relationships, and your world. I’ll recommend herbs, protocols and practices that can help you embody and support those shifts.

After this Initial Session, I’ll also be able to recommend the number of sessions we’ll need to fully support your healing.  This may range anywhere from a few weeks, for smaller issues, to a few months for bigger issues.

3.  Healing Sessions. Once I have the big picture of who you are and what you’re dealing with, we’ll work on these things together in your individual Healing Sessions.

Healing Sessions are 90 minutes.  Simply put, deep healing takes time and it’s important to give yourself the space to do it.  That said, once we develop a rhythm to moving in and out of deep-work spaces quickly, I may recommend that we do 60 minute session.


As I said, the Introductory Session is free.

The 2 hour Initial Session, is $150 and includes a 20 minute call to explain and answer questions about my treatment recommendations.

The 90 minute Healing Sessions are $120.

My Commitment to Accessibility…

It’s incredibly important to me that herbal healing be financially accessible.  I’m designating 5 of my 10 client slots for low income folks.  The rate will be flexible, up to 50% off &/or trades available, depending on your financial ability.

No explanations are required. Just let me know that you’d like one of these slots when we do your free session and, if there’s a slot open, it’s yours   There’s absolutely no shame in experiencing poverty

My primary goal is to help people who are ready and willing to do the work needed to heal 🙂

To Book a Session…

Soon I will have my website updated so that you can book directly on this page.  For now, please fill out this short form :


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