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Why am I giving away a copy of this particular presentation?

There are a few reasons. One is that I really want to see healthy, empowered people building strong communities. That’s why I started this business. I want my work to touch people’s lives, to keep them healthy, and to help make things right again on this planet.

A simple, yet great step to achieving these goals is for me to help you get to know the plants growing around you. I love seeing that a-ha moment when it clicks and people see depth in the plants.

This presentation offers some easy first steps to help you start to develop your own relationships with plants.

There are many healers out there, many herbalists, with many different approaches, so I want you to get a taste of how I do things, what makes me unique, so you can see if it resonates with you. Here’s what one person said immediately after listening to this recording…

Hey Garliq,
I just wanted to thank you. I was touched by so many truths, the deepest and more recurring one being that life is about relationships, that everything is in relationship, and that when we are in what you call our ‘animal awareness’ or our ‘child mind’ that the simple recognition of what’s alive and aware expands and expands until there is no separation, only life.

I heard the healing that this work has meant for you and the integrity and service to which you have devoted yourself, and I wanted to say thank you for bringing yourself so fully into the world. I feel honoured and grateful to know this. ~ Paul

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